What I'm about.


Being a designer in 2016 means that It is important to wear multiple hats. A “creative” in the current climate means to not only focus on “making things pretty” but making things usable and useful and then marrying those up to the overall businesses goals. I call myself as a multidisciplinary designer who focuses on the user experience but still enjoys to dabble in the visual design. By this I mean that I don’t narrow my thinkingon visual aesthetic alone (even though that is incredibly important) but I think about how to market products, how customers engage with brands, what users think about online experiences and what triggers success for them.


My process: experimental, original, human centred. 

Creative process.png


Creativity is not just something I value, it is part of my identity. It integrates into the fabric of who I am. In order to keep up with the ideas in my brain, I draw in a lot of notebooks filled with bits and bobs of what inspires me. This my creative thinking process which is part of what guides me to solve problems.  



My process for ensuring that what I do is customer centric

I like to break aspects down into discrete bits before moving on to anything else. By this I mean I enjoy thinking about the core of the way that customers think, act, wear and speak about products and dissecting those facets into meaningful analytics. In order to ensure that customers are talking about your products, I would test assumptions by asking questions such as; What do people currently do? Why do I think people this way? Where do these people use this product? How do they interactive with it and when? How frequently do they see or notice your brand? Essentially, I am fascinated and curious by people.


Why what I do is important?

When someone uses a product or sees a brand, they responds to the sum of interface design, aesthetics and the product story. Customers build memories through interactions online and offline and I want understand why they think the way they do. My process intertwines the human experiences with human empathy which then ensures a desirable outcome. Learning about human centred design through my degree has allowed me to think this way. 


“When an organisation applies the principles of design to its strategies and structures, it’s making a conscious decision to innovate - at all levels.” 



According to the recent InVision 2016 product design report, design lead businesses has proven to be a value asset to any business strategies. This report suggests that using design thinking in business is “changing the way we work. When an organisation applies the principles of design to its strategies and structures, it’s making a conscious decision to innovate - at all levels.”

The full report can be read here. 



Use my skills. 

Involve me in the early stage of your planning, let me research and observe your users, engage me with your customers (or customers to be).  Give me any website or app to wireframe - I would relish in for the opportunity.